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Should I hold my breath when I get into a Yoga pose?

Holding Your Breath

The most difficult thing for a new student to remember is to breathe while doing yoga postures.

It's very important NOT to hold your breath. You must breathe while doing postures, if you want to achieve the full benefit. Remember to breath slowly, rhythmically and fully. Holding your breath will only cause stress and make it more difficult to maintain a posture.

How can Yoga help my breathing?

Breathing Capacity

Most people use only a fraction of their breathing capacity. Yoga encourages slow, full breaths. Start by exhaling as much air as possible which will allow you to take in more oxygen when you inhale.

You'll find this carries into everyday activities. Even when you're not doing yoga, you'll find yourself being more conscious of how you breathe.

How do I know when to inhale or exhale during postures?

Postures and Breathing

You should always remember that postures and breathing are always coordinated:
Inhale during movements that expand the chest and abdominal cavity.
Exhale during movements that narrow the chest and abdominal cavity.


Can I breath normally when I do Yoga?


You don't have to do yogic breathing when you're practicing. The important thing to remember is that yoga teaches you to optimize your breathing capacity.

Focus on completely exhaling all stale air from the body increasing the capacity to draw in more oxygen. When you inhale breath fully filling the chest and then the stomach, drawing in as much fresh air as possible.

Do beginners have to know yogic breathing?


New students should focus on learning proper alignment and coordinating normal inhalation and exhalation with movements during postures. Only after these skills are mastered should you attempt to include yogic breathing.

Most instructors will introduce new students to yogic breathing while the student is simple seated or standing position. And they will encourage students to practice this way until they are ready to incorporate yogic breathing into the postures.

How can I improve my breathing capacity?

Oxygen and Health

You probably already know that getting oxygen to the brain, muscles and organs is essential for good health. Through yoga's emphasis on breathing, there is a conscious focus on improving the ability to take in more oxygen. This will benefit you even outside of yoga.

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