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Can yoga help my insomnia?


Sometimes it's hard to turn off the day and relax enough to fall asleep. We all have those nights.

If you can't sleep, try using calming poses to help you relax - forward bends, gentle twists, and simple inversions are good choices. Remember to breathe slowly and fully. This will also help you relax.

What are the benefits of Bridge Pose?


Bridge Pose is a wonderful asana to reverse the stress and strain of sitting at a desk or computer all day. It will help you pull back your shoulders, which may tend to roll forward while sitting. You will also expand your chest and lungs, which can increase your breathing capacity.

Can yoga practice improve my concentration?


Practicing yoga improves concentration by helping you learn to focus your mind.

This is a great benefit in our daily lives. Better concentration means - we can work more efficiently; students get get better grades; athletes (even weekend athletes) perform better at their sport.

So take the concentration skill you learn in yoga practice and apply it to your every day activities.

How can I benefit from doing forward bends?


Forward bends help keep the spine flexible. Frequently we spend a lot of time in an upright position, particularly standing. Standing causes the spine to compress. Forward bends counteract this impact by relieving the tension in the spine.

Will Yoga help health problems?

Yoga Helps

Yoga should not be expected to cure illness; but it can help a number of conditions.

For example:
Yoga is beneficial for stress-related conditions.
Digestive and stomach problems are sometimes helped by practicing yoga.
New information is showing that it's helps those suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).
Some even believe that yoga helps headache and insomnia.

One thing is certain, it can have a very positive impact on life and health.

How can I benefit from Dancer Pose?


Dancer pose not only helps improve your balance, but also improves concentration and posture.

Keeping your mind focused on the task of holding the pose is essential to remaining balanced. Don't let your thoughts begin to wander or you'll find yourself swaying and unable to maintain the pose.

Over time, you'll find that concentrating becomes effortless.

Is it true that yoga can help me overcome stress?


Yoga's calming effects are a great benefit for those who experience stress. And these days, who doesn't?

The focus that you learn in a yoga practice will help you calm your mind and relax. The best part of this is that, you'll be able to carry it into your daily life.

Since I began practicing yoga, I'm more relaxed and not so easily stressed. I find that I can take a deep breath, calm down, and re-focus my energy in a more positive way.

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