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What postures can I do for relaxation?


Corpse Pose is the most basic relaxation posture. It allows you to evenly relax all your muscles without stress or strain.

Remember to gently relax and let your body sink into the floor. Don't tense any of your muscles.

I find it helpful to begin by stretching both arms and legs until they're fully extended, and then letting go into Corpse Pose.



6/20/2006 11:33:25 AM
Namaste said:

Corpse pose is my favorite pose for relaxation because I don't have to support any part of my body. To really make sure I am relaxed, I like to think through my body parts to make sure none of them are tense. I am especially guilty up keeping my shoulders scrunched up and grinding my teeth during relaxation, so a simple mental check is very helpful.


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