Ashtanga Has A Warrior Pose For Everyone

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How do I improve my warrior pose in ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga Has A Warrior Pose For Everyone

Ashtanga yoga includes a series of poses that increase in difficulty. The warrior series (virabhadrasana) is a standard in many ashtanga classes because it works all the major muscle groups: legs, back, shoulders, and arms, but it is especially good for opening the hips. Even beginner classes will likely introduce warrior I, and advanced classes will include warrior II and warrior III.

Remember these “hip” points to make the most of your warriors:

Warrior I: Square your hips forward and try to keep them even. It helps to think of your hip bones as the headlights on a car.

Warrior II: When you open out sideways into warrior II, concentrate on keeping your hips level and centered. Don't lean too far forward or too far back.

Warrior III: In warrior III, concentrate on externally rotating the hip of your raised leg, while keeping both the raised and the standing legs as straight as possible.



5/16/2007 4:33:37 AM said:

Hi, pulling the knee caps into the thighs & grounding the feet on the floor is a strong foundation for any warrior pose.
love yoga!


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