Muscle Tremors Mean That You're Working

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Is it OK for my muscles to shake during an ashtanga class?

Muscle Tremors Mean That You're Working

It's not unusual for your muscles to tremble while holding difficult poses in an ashtanga yoga class, especially if you are new to ashtanga or simply new to a particular pose. Some trembling is OK, and when your muscles are working intensely, remember to breathe deeply and evenly. Try to hold an ashtanga pose for five breaths, but don't force yourself to hold any pose to the point of pain. Find the “edge” of what is challenging without hurting yourself.

You may experience muscle cramps in your feet, legs, or arms while moving into an ashtanga yoga position, especially in a pose that is new to you, because you are asking your muscles to do something different. Don't panic if you have a cramp. Simply pause and adjust your position or take a moment to move into child's pose or downward-facing dog and allow the cramp to pass.



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