Hatha Yoga Is Preventive Medicine

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What are some benefits of hatha yoga?

Hatha Yoga Is Preventive Medicine

A regular yoga practice has many benefits, and some of them are the ones you don't see.

The benefits of hatha yoga include the injuries not suffered because your muscles are balanced, the blood pressure that didn't rise because you are managing stress, and the emotional arguments that didn't occur with family members, friends, and co-workers because you have cultivated a sense of inner calm.

Any discipline of hatha yoga will, to varying extents, strengthen the muscles, reduce stress, and focus the mind and emotions.

In addition, certain hatha yoga postures are associated with specific health benefits. For example, forward bends are thought to improve digestion, as well as stretch the spine and hamstrings, and inversions such as headstands and shoulder stands promote circulation as well as build shoulder strength and core body strength.



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