Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat before doing Yoga?

How can I improve my fitness?

Who can do Yoga?

Why do I need a teacher to study Yoga?

Can I breath normally when I do Yoga?

Do I have to follow a special diet if I do yoga?

Can I start practicing with any yoga poses?

How much time do I need to spend doing yoga?

Is yoga a religion?

How do I relax my neck muscles?

Do I need a special space to do Yoga?

How can I avoid injury when doing yoga?

Can yoga practice improve my concentration?

How do I breathe while doing yoga?

What are the eight limbs of yoga?

How can I benefit from meditation?

How can I improve my balance and my flexibility?

Can I learn yoga from a book?

What poses do I do in sun Salutation?

What props do I need to do Yoga?

How can I benefit from doing Yoga?

What’s the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

What are the benefits of Bridge Pose?

Do I have to change my lifestyle to practice yoga?

How can Yoga help my breathing?

Can I learn yoga from a video?

How can I benefit from Dancer Pose?

Are there different ways to do Sun Salutation?

What poses help relieve tension in the back,neck and shoulders?

What should I wear to do Yoga?

How do I benefit from Spinal Twists?

What is Sun Salutation?

How can I increase my flexibility?

Are there any yoga programs for seniors?

Does yoga slow or reverse aging?

How can my children benefit from doing Yoga?

How do I find a yoga teacher?

When should I do relaxation in my yoga practice?

How do I identify Hatha Yoga?

What are the benefits of inverted poses?

Why do I need to relax during yoga practice?

What postures should I avoid if I have high blood pressure?

What should my yoga practice include?

Is it true that yoga can help me overcome stress?

How do I determine the appropriate cost for a yoga class?

Are yoga teachers certified?

Will Yoga help health problems?

What are the benefits of inverted poses?

Can yoga help someone with arthritis?

What is TriYoga?

Can doing yoga mantras help my heart?

Do I have to meditate as part of my yoga practice?

What do I emphasize in Tree Pose?

Can I use audiotapes and CDs to learn yoga?

Can I wear shoes when doing Yoga?

Can I do Yoga during menstration?

How should a beginner practice yoga?

What are the different Yoga philosophies?

How can I improve my breathing capacity?

Why should I do backward bends?

Why do I need “relaxation” during yoga?

Do beginners have to know yogic breathing?

Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant?

Why would I want to get yoga information from magazines?

What do I need to do before I start yoga?

Can yoga help my insomnia?

Is there only one way to do a posture?

How can I improve doing Bridge Pose?

How do I find a yoga retreat?

What position do I use when meditating?

Can I practice yoga after eating?

What type of background music do I need to practice yoga?

Must I stop smoking if I practice yoga?

What´s the difference between Indian and English words used in Yoga?

Can I start a yoga program even if I have a medical condition?

How do I keep my balance in poses?

What is Sun Salutation?

How do I get up from a reclining pose?

How can I avoid knee injury when doing yoga?

How long will it take before postures become easy?

When should I practice Yoga?

What is Savasana or Corpse Pose?

How do I select a yoga video?

How do I know when to inhale or exhale during postures?

Do I need a special place to practice yoga?

Should I hold my breath when I get into a Yoga pose?

Should I practice yoga when I´m feeling pain?

Are there variations to Child´s Pose?

Is yoga safe during pregnancy?

What should I do after Bridge Pose?

Should I trust the experience levels on a videotape?

How can I benefit from doing forward bends?

What other inverted poses can I do?

What is the purpose of relaxing in Corpse Pose?

What postures can I do for relaxation?

What questions should I ask before taking a class?

How do I relax and warm up my shoulders?

How can children benefit from doing yoga?

What should I emphasize in Corpse Pose?

What should I do before I begin practicing Yoga?

What’s the difference between a posture, a pose and an asana?

Should I let my young children do Yoga?

How can I find music for yoga practice or relaxation?

What should my beginner’s yoga practice include?

How can I get an inexpensive yoga strap?

Does yoga help improve posture?

What do I need to know before I do inverted poses?

What’s the difference between a yogi and a yogini?

How can children benefit from doing yoga?

What do I emphasize in Dancer Pose?

Are there any poses I shouldn’t do if I’m pregnant?

How can I benefit from doing Mountain Pose?

What does reaching “your edge” mean?

How should I begin yoga if I have arthritis?

What is meditation?

How can I warm-up before yoga practice?

What postures can I do for relaxation?

What is Tadasana or Mountain Pose?

What is Yoga?

Can I let my young child practice yoga with me?

How can I be sure I don´t injure myself starting out with yoga?

Should I feel discomfort or pain in yoga postures?

What are the benefits of a yoga retreat?

What motivates continued yoga practice?

When is the best time to practice yoga?

How do I start yoga?

How do beginners classes in yoga start?

What are standing poses?

What do I need to know about beginner yoga poses?

What is an inverted pose?

What are supine poses?

What is a sitting posture?

Where can I practice yoga?

Why are there twist exercises in yoga?

Where is a good place to start taking yoga classes?

What are some pointers for taking yoga classes?

What is a yoga studio?

How should I find a good yoga instructor?

How can I save money on yoga classes?

Where can I find classes in yoga?

How often should I attend yoga classes?

What are the health benefits of yoga?

When is the best time to take a yoga class?

What is a benefit to attending regular yoga classes?

What is Power Yoga?

Can yoga help me lose weight?

What yoga style is good for weight loss?

What is a good way to work out my mind and my body?

Am I too old to start practicing yoga?

Can children practice yoga?

What are the benefits of yoga for kids?

Can babies practice yoga?

How can I do yoga with my baby?

Cana child understand the concepts of yoga?

Are there classes available for kids' yoga?

Can I practice yoga if I'm pregnant?

How does my yoga practice affect my unborn baby?

Should I consult my obstetrician before doing yoga during pregnancy?

How can prenatal yoga help me?

Should I take pregnancy yoga classes or buy a video or DVD instead?

What is Hatha Yoga?

What does Hatha yoga focus on?

What do asanas in Hatha yoga develop?

What are pranayamas in Hatha yoga?

What is Kundalini yoga?

How powerful is Kundalini?

How difficult is Kundalini yoga?

Isn't Kundalini "sex yoga"?

What is Ashtanga yoga?

How is Ashtanga different from other forms of yoga?

What is Ujjayi Breathing?

What are the levels of Ashtanga yoga?

What is Iyengar yoga?

What are some elements of Iyengar yoga?

Where did Iyengar yoga originate?

Who is the man behind Iyengar yoga?

What is Bikram yoga?

Why is Bikram yoga done in a heated studio?

Can people with medical conditions do Bikram yoga?

Can't Bikram yoga get boring?

What is Kriya yoga?

What is the main aspect of Kriya yoga?

What are some tenets of Kriya yoga?

What are mudras?

What is Yoga?

What is the philosophy behind yoga?

What does yoga exercise do?

How important is breathing in yoga?

What are the benefits of meditation in yoga?

What is Yoga Pilates?

What can yoga meditation do for me?

How old is yoga?

Where did yogic teaching come from?

What happened during the pre-classical yoga period?

What are the Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga?

What are the differences and similarities between yoga and Pilates?

How do I meditate?

What is the difference between yoga in the east and west?

What should I wear to practice yoga?

Which are the best types of yoga pants to wear?

Do people wear yoga clothing anywhere but in the studio?

Should I wear shoes during yoga?

How is yoga clothing designed?

What should I wear to my first yoga class?

How can I use yoga videos?

How can I continue my yoga practice if I'm out of town?

What do I need to know about yoga videos?

How can I practice yoga and Pilates together?

What is the best yoga video?

What if I cannot find yoga classes in my area?

What equipment is needed to practice yoga?

What is a yoga mat for?

What else is needed or suggested for my yoga practice?

How can I carry my yoga mat to and from class?

What are yoga balls used for?

Do I need yoga equipment at home?

What do yoga poses represent?

Do yoga postures hurt?

Can I do yoga at work?

What is a restorative yoga pose?

Which style of yoga is right for me?

Why isn't yoga relaxing me?

Are there yoga techniques that can relieve employees' stress in the office?

Do I need to clean my yoga mat?

How do I clean my yoga ball?

What yoga accesory can help my wrists when doing backbends?

How thick should my yoga mat be?

Why do I need a yoga mat bag?

What yoga props can help open my hips?

What props can enhance my relaxation poses?

What should I include when doing yoga for kids?

How can I make yoga fun for kids?

How long should yoga classes for kids last?

How should I do final relaxation in a yoga class for kids?

Do kids need special yoga mats?

Can yoga help children with ADHD?

Do I need special yoga clothes to practice yoga?

What type of top is best for yoga?

What styles of pants are best for yoga?

What do I wear to a yoga class?

What type of bra should I wear for yoga?

Will long hair get in my way when I do yoga?

How should I wash my yoga clothes?

Are there special pregnancy yoga classes?

How much pregnancy yoga is safe and helpful?

How can yoga help make labor and delivery easier?

How can I modify my yoga poses during pregnancy?

What are some yoga poses to do and not to do while pregnant?

How can I ease back into yoga after pregnancy?

How long are most yoga classes?

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