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What do I emphasize in Tree Pose?


The emphasis in Tree Pose is maintaining your equilibrium – which can sometimes be easier than others.

Remember to gently focus your gaze on a spot a few feet in front of you to help your balance.

On days when you can't seem to keep your balance, don't be discouraged. Often factors beyond your control, like subconscious thoughts and difficulties during your day, may just have you “off” balance. Try again another day – never force the posture.



1/27/2008 6:16:40 PM
Nikki said:

I really like that tip because I have sometimes struggled with not knowing why some days I just can't balance and struggling with it can sometimes make it worse on me to balance. For other people struggling with the tree pose, don't give up you will balance out and be proud of yourself for the accomplishment you've made.


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