Be An Apprentice

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Can I teach a practice yoga class as part of a certification/

Be An Apprentice

An apprenticeship is a valuable part of yoga instruction and is a requirement in some yoga certification programs. As an apprentice instructor, you ask a favorite teacher whether you can be an apprentice to him or her. You start by leading the class in the first few minutes of warming up poses, and then turn the bulk of the class back over to the regular instructor. Over a period of several classes you gradually teach more and more of the class until you finally teach an entire class yourself. This process allows the fledgling instructor to learn how it feels to direct a class and helps them to modify their technique. The regular instructor observes the apprentice while he or she is leading the class and observes whether the class understands and follows the apprentice. The instructor then gives the apprentice feedback, such as whether they need to speak louder, or slower, or whether they asked the class to hold a pose too long, or not long enough.



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