A Good Yoga Mat Is Where It's At

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What kind of yoga mat should I buy?

A Good Yoga Mat Is Where It's At

The most important yoga accessory you need for yoga is a yoga mat. Although most yoga studios have mats available, there are several advantages to having your own mat. First, it's cleaner. Second, you can choose a mat with good grip that's the right size and style for you. And when you buy a mat, don't forget the yoga mat bag. A yoga mat bag keeps your mat clean and dry and it also makes it easier to carry to and from class, especially if you are walking or biking to your neighborhood yoga studio.

But what kind of yoga mat should you buy? The size of most standard mats, such as Gaiam's essential yoga mat, is 68 inches long, but sizes vary slightly among manufacturers.

Buying a yoga mat is not a complicated process, but here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Grip. Most people find that a waffled texture provides a no-slip, secure surface for practicing yoga. Mats such as Gaiam's Essentials yoga mat have this type of slip-resistant surface. Yoga mats are sometimes known as “sticky mats” for a reason. Try out a new mat by getting into downward-facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana). Your hands and feet should "stick" in place and not slide around, even if you are a little sweaty.
  • Style. Some people don't care what their yoga mat looks like as long as it keeps them from slipping. But to be honest, most of us like a little flair, even in something as simple as a yoga mat. Fortunately, you can find Gaiam mats in a variety of colors and uplifting prints. Feeling eco-conscious? You can find mats made from recycled material.



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