Stretch Your Fitness Routine With Yoga

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How can I use yoga for fitness?

Stretch Your Fitness Routine With Yoga

The term “fitness yoga” can be used to describe different types of yoga that don't necessarily fit into one of the traditional molds. Some people become interested in yoga for weight loss, or yoga for fitness. Fitness and yoga go hand in hand, and you can enjoy benefits of yoga that are both physical and psychological.

That said, if your goal in practicing yoga is to improve your fitness level as well as lose weight, consider an ashtanga yoga class or similarly challenging type of class called “power yoga.” The term “power yoga” has developed as a way to make ashtanga yoga more accessible to Western tastes and interests. The phrase “power yoga” implies a good workout for the time that you spend at the gym, and power yoga classes are popular with many people who are active in other sports such as running, biking, or team activities. Many athletes look to yoga as a form of cross-training and a way to prevent injury by improving strength and flexibility with minimal stress on the joints. Instructors are not specifically certified in power yoga and there is no set series of moves the way there is in an ashtanga class. But a good power yoga instructor will put you through your paces with challenging standing poses such as the warrior series and strength-building arm balances.

Even strenuous fitness yoga or power yoga classes end with a short period of relaxation and meditation, and this time to quiet your mind contributes to your mental as well as physical well-being as the class ends.



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