Principles Of Pilates Reflect Yoga Traditions

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What are the principles of Pilates?

Principles Of Pilates Reflect Yoga Traditions

Pilates was inspired by yoga, and Pilates exercises incorporate six principles that reflect yoga principles:

Centering: Centering in Pilates is about engaging the body's core muscles, while in yoga, the concept of “centering” involves the mind as well.

Concentration: Concentration is essential to Pilates to maintain the correct balance and position in the exercises.

Control: There is no slacking off in Pilates exercises; all parts of the body are engaged and have a role in each movement.

Precision: In Pilates exercises, as in yoga, each part of the body maintains a position in relation to other parts.

Breath: Joseph Pilates emphasized the importance of taking full, deep breaths while performing exercises, and concentrated breathing is an important part of Pilates classes.

Flow: Pilates calls for moving through the exercises with fluidity and ease, which helps develop longer, leaner muscles.



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