Relaxation Yoga May Aid All Aspects of Pregnancy

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Is kundalini good for prenatal yoga?

Relaxation Yoga May Aid All Aspects of Pregnancy

More meditative and relaxing styles of yoga, such as kundalini and ansura, have been associated with successful conception in women who have a history of infertility. Research has shown that stress affects hormones, and many women who have trouble getting pregnant also report chronic stress due to stressful jobs or other life circumstances. Sometimes all they need is to let go of the excess tension and let nature take its course. Even if yoga alone isn't enough, the increased inner calm that comes with yoga can help women manage the stress associated with medical fertility treatments.

Once you are pregnant, a kundalini style of yoga is well suited to prenatal yoga classes with its focus on mental strength and meditation combined with gentle stretches. And finally, kundalini yoga may be the hatha yoga that is most uniquely suited for helping new mothers cope with postpartum stress and depression and for easing new moms back into a fitness routine.



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