Kundalini Yoga Slows The Pace

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How is kundalini yoga different from ashtanga?

Kundalini Yoga Slows The Pace

If you are a regular participant in ashtanga yoga and power yoga classes and you decide to try a kundalini yoga class, you will be frustrated if you are expecting the movement and aerobic intensity other types of hatha yoga. In kundalini yoga, you will spend as much—or more—time in stillness as in motion.

Also, the instructor in a kundalini class or a class that incorporates more meditation may lead the class in a chant (often in Sanskrit) before the class begins. If you don't know it, don't worry, just listen and drawn energy from the collective sound of the class. Many kundalini or meditation-oriented class involve music as well. That doesn't mean you can bring your own iPod, though. The choice of music is up to the instructor.



5/20/2007 5:44:57 AM
Gloriana said:

This tip is totally untrue! I practiced hatha yoga for years and never experienced a cardio intensity like I do with my Kundalini Yoga practice which I have fallen in love with. The practice includes most of the same Hatha Poses yet they add a dynamic blend of breath and movement with it! In Hatha Yoga, which is very slow paced, I could never keep my interest level up. The classes dragged for me. Kundalini Yoga is what keeps me doing yoga. If anyone wants to try this type of yoga definitely try Ana Brett & Ravi Singhs DVD's. If you want to experience the cardio effect get Fat Free Yoga, Dance the Chakras Yoga Workout, or Warrior Workout.Gurmukh has a Kundalini Yoga DVD as well which is even more intense.


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