Hatha Yoga Class Combines Styles

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What is a hatha yoga class?

Hatha Yoga Class Combines Styles

If you are reviewing a list of yoga classes and a class is described as simply “hatha yoga” it usually means that the instructor is combining several hatha yoga disciplines. Ask the teacher or yoga studio director some questions:

-Does the class include meditation or chanting?

-Does the class involve quickly moving through a series of poses?

-Does the class include the use of props to help with alignment?

Based on the answers, you can decide whether that particular hatha class meets your needs. Some “hatha yoga” classes are meditative, kundalini-style classes but another “hatha yoga” class could be power yoga in disguise. Don't be afraid to ask and try a class. If one hatha yoga class is not active enough, or too active, try another one.

Teacher styles vary within the same discipline, so if you know people who attend yoga classes regularly, ask them which instructors they like and why. Most “yoga for beginner” classes are forms of hatha yoga that move through poses at a slower pace so the instructor can explain and demonstrate poses and adjust students' alignments as needed.



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