Focus On Restorative Poses For Postnatal Practice

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How can I ease back into yoga after pregnancy?

Focus On Restorative Poses For Postnatal Practice

After delivery you'll be getting a new and different kind of exercise from bending, lifting, and carrying an infant. But these activities can leave you with stiff muscles and stress, not to mention sleep deprivation. Yoga is one of the best exercises to do after pregnancy because it providing an outlet for the physical and emotional stress associated with caring for a newborn.

Whether you want to return to your pre-pregnancy yoga practice or you want to start doing yoga as a way to slim down and start an exercise program, be sure to ease into your yoga practice and focus on restorative postures. Focus on releasing tension, which will help you deal with the stress of being a new mom. And don't expect to resume yoga at the same level of intensity as your pre-pregnancy practice the day. Don't strain, and take your time building back up to your pre-pregnancy practice.

Restorative poses to do in spare moments include Downward-facing Dog, Child's Pose, and easy forward bends and seated twists.



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