Poses To Do And Not To Do While Pregnant

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What are some yoga poses to do and not to do while pregnant?

Poses To Do And Not To Do While Pregnant

Poses to Do: Balancing poses (with the aid of a wall or chair) and hip opening poses are safe pregnancy exercises if you are not experiencing any complications. Squats will help stretch your hips in preparation for delivery, and you can use blocks to support yourself when you get too big to squat comfortably without assistance.

Poses Not To Do: When you are pregnant, avoid deep twisting poses or any pose that puts pressure on your stomach, such as forward bends. Avoid backbends, too, because they are intense poses and it is easier to strain a muscle while pregnant due to the hormonal changes in the body that increase the laxity of muscles and joints in preparation for labor and delivery.

If you are new to yoga, avoid any inversion poses such as headstands or shoulder stands while pregnant. If you are an experienced yoga practitioner and you do these poses regularly, you can continue them through the second trimester if you feel comfortable.



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