Find Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Classes For Fun And Safety

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Are there special pregnancy yoga classes?

Find Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Classes For Fun And Safety

Seek out a gym or yoga studio near you that offers prenatal yoga classes with exercises designed for expectant moms in the second and third trimesters. These classes will be less vigorous and they will also provide an opportunity to meet other fitness-oriented moms-to-be. But avoid Bikram or "hot yoga" classes during pregnancy. The near-100-degree temperatures that characterize these classes will raise your body temperature higher than it should be during pregnancy.

If you weren't doing yoga prior to pregnancy, don't try to practice by yourself at home while pregnant. A yoga studio will have props that can help you modify poses and an instructor with experience in prenatal yoga will help you modify poses to suit your individual needs and make sure that you remain comfortable and safe while getting the most out of the practice.

Look for post-natal, mom and baby yoga classes, too. These classes tend to be low-key and they provide a unique opportunity to bond with your infant while regaining your pre-pregnancy figure.



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