Yoga May Improve ADHD Symptoms

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Can yoga help children with ADHD?

Yoga May Improve ADHD Symptoms

Some studies have shown that practicing yoga was associated with improvement in symptoms among hyperactive children and children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although the exact associations between yoga for kids and behavior are difficult to measure, the data suggest that yoga improves symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity by helping children to channel their energy in a positive way. Yoga can help build confidence and promote calm feelings in all children, but those with attention problems may find yoga particularly helpful.

Encourage all children who are doing yoga, especially those with ADHD to focus on what the poses mean rather than simply mimicking the instructor and going through the motions. For example, ask them to focus on what it means to stay strong and still like a warrior in warrior poses, or to stand straight and tall like a tree during tree pose.



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