Classical Yoga/The Eightfold Path

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What are the Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga?

Classical Yoga/The Eightfold Path

In the second century C.E., Patanjali composed a seminal text, Yoga-Sutra and defined Classical Yoga. The 195 aphorisms or sutras that comprise the Yoga Sutra, expound upon Raja-Yoga, which is the eightfold Yoga path. The Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga are: 1) Yama/Restraint, 2) Niyama/observance of purity, tolerance and study, 3) Asana/Physical Exercises, 4) Pranayama/Breath Control, 5) Pratyahara/Preparation for Meditation 6) Dharana/Concentration, 7) Dhyana/Meditation and 8) Samadhi/Enlightenment.



6/25/2006 10:54:33 AM
Donna said:

I've practiced yoga for years, but had never heard of this eight-fold path. This tip was very helpful. Thanks!


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