Where to Practice Yoga

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Where can I practice yoga?

Where to Practice Yoga

Your home is a great place to practice yoga, especially for beginners. If you're uncertain about whether to take a yoga class, starting your practice at home helps to master the pses, without comparing yourself to others. A Yoga video, or books and DVDs are a great place to start. A mat is all you need to practice at home for most people. Schools, local community centers and health clubs also offer yoga classes, typically in Hatha yoga. Find out from your local events committees if yoga is available in your area. If it isn't, be sure to put in a request for one...or find a good teacher and start your own!



6/20/2006 11:21:19 AM
Namaste said:

I would disagree with this advice. The fact of the matter is that yoga poses are about alignment, and learning them without a teacher leaves you open to misalignment and injury. I would advocate beginning with a teacher for at least a few months so that you have real feedback, and once you are comfortable with the poses then you can take your practice home. I do agree in theory though, that once you are comfortable with your practice one of the benefits of the yoga is that it can be practiced almost anywhere.


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