Strict Practice

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Do I have to follow a special diet if I do yoga?

Strict Practice

In a strict yoga practice, you'll find that people follow certain practices:

- They avoid Tamasic foods. These are things that are stale, tasteless, unripe, overripe or putrified. They include meat, mushrooms, and frozen, preserved, canned or overcooked foods.

- They avoid Rajasic foods such as onions, garlic, eggs coffee, tea, and hot peppers.

- They choose Sattvic products, which include cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, natural fruit juices, milk, butter, beans, and honey.

Remember, this is NOT a requirement of a general yoga practice.



6/20/2006 11:38:53 AM
Namaste said:

For beginners, changing to a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat may be a radical enough change. Try to avoid processed foods and make sure that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you need.


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