What Changes?

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Do I have to change my lifestyle to practice yoga?

What Changes?

You may wonder if you need to change your lifestyle to practice yoga. The answer is NO. Yoga is not a religion. It doesn't require that you fast or abstain. You don't have to become a vegetarian or change your eating patterns. Nor do you have to give up drinking or smoking. However, you might notice that your tastes change after you begin to practice yoga. As you become healthier and in tune with your body, you MAY feel differently about the impacts overeating, smoking and drinking alcohol have on your body. I've practiced yoga for many years, and the biggest change in my lifestyle was that I'm more aware of my eating habits. I try to choose more natural foods whenever possible.



8/14/2006 4:36:03 AM
Tamber said:

Yoga is not a religion, and you don't need to stop these things to benefit from yoga, but it is suggested in many texts that pertain to yoga. If you are truly following a path a of yogi, you will cease behaviors like smoking, drinking, eating meat, and overeating. All of these things do not coincide with the eight limbs and do not allow a strong connection with your inner soul.


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