Revisit Basics For A Better Yoga Practice

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Where can I find information about the basics of how to do yoga?

Revisit Basics For A Better Yoga Practice

Even the most experienced yoga practitioners have room to improve. No matter where you are on the yoga spectrum, from a beginner to intermediate to advanced, it never hurts to revisit basic principles of how to do yoga.

You can find more information on yoga basics by visiting, or by checking out Yoga Journal's yoga basics column.

To inspire you to get back to basics, try these tips to improve your camel pose, one of the basic yoga positions, from Yoga Journal's Basics column:

  • The benefits of camel pose (ustrasana) include stretching the front of the body and promoting the abdominal strength and good posture.
  • Because most of us spend more time crunched forward (in front of a computer, for example) than leaning back, camel pose will probably feel uncomfortable at first.
  • But anyone can benefit from camel by focusing on two factors—aligning the legs and feet and modifying the pose with props if necessary. The goal is to avoid compressing your lower back.
  • When you come to a kneeling position, be sure that your knees and feet are hip-width apart. If you need to, fold your mat over or place a rolled blanket under your knees, and curl your toes under.
  • If you can't reach your heels as you lean back, place a yoga block, such as one of Gaiam's cork blocks, between your feet and aim to place your hands on the block instead. Eventually, you'll be able to touch your heels.



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