Yoga Wear Goes Beyond The Mat

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What are some types of yoga apparel beyond yoga clothing?

Yoga Wear Goes Beyond The Mat

Yoga wear has joined the ranks of mainstream fashion, which is all the more reason to invest in quality items of yoga apparel. But remember that you don't have to pay a fortune for quality. You can find discount yoga clothing by checking online for sales, especially as the seasons change.

And there's more to yoga wear than what you wear for class alone. Expand your yoga look beyond yoga clothing with Gaiam's original Yoga Sandals, an ideal shoe to wear to and from your yoga class, or out to run errands or walk the dog. The slip-on sandals are designed to retrain your feet to spread your toes, with a separate spot for each toe. As any yoga instructor will remind you, spreading your toes provides a more stable platform for standing balancing poses. The sandals are made of microfiber for comfort and moisture control and they contain 32% recycled rubber. And they may even make your feet feel better after a long day in office shoes.

Want another way to treat your feet? Yoga socks. Gaiam's unique Toe Sox are seamless anklets with a non-slip sole and a spot for each toe, so feel like you are barefoot, but with extra traction. The socks are designed to be worn during your yoga practice, but you may like them so much that you'll wear them around the house, especially during chilly winter evenings.



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