Make Your Downward Dog A Good Dog

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What is downward-facing dog?

Make Your Downward Dog A Good Dog

Downward-facing dog is a restorative yoga pose that is done often throughout the course of many yoga classes. This yoga pose looks simple, but there are many elements you can focus on as you hold the pose.

Some tips for a good down dog include the following:

-Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and spread your fingers while pressing the palms into the floor.

-Tuck your tailbone. Many people make the mistake of arching the low back in this pose in an attempt to stretch the hamstrings. Instead, concentrate on lifting the sit bones towards the ceiling.

-Walk your dog. Slowly alternate bending and straightening each knee to stretch your calves and hamstrings.

-Keep the outside edges of your feet parallel to each other and keep your feet about hip width apart.

-Slowly raise your toes off the floor and lower them; this motion helps to release the hamstrings and bring your heels closer to the floor.



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