Keep Alignment In Mind

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What are the most important movements in yoga poses?

Keep Alignment In Mind

The goal of any yoga posture is to align your body. Finding the correct alignment in a yoga posture involves finding a balance between basic opposing movements. Every movement in a series of yoga poses has a counter movement that helps keep the muscles balanced. Some basic movements and counter movements that play a key role in yoga postures include:

-Abduction vs. Adduction: Abduction means moving a limb away from the midline of the body, while adduction means moving a limb towards the midline of the body.

-Flexing vs. Extending: Flexing means bending a limb while extending means stretching out or returning to a neutral position after being bent.

-Internal Rotation vs. External Rotation: Internal rotation means rotating awareness towards the midline of the body, while external rotation means rotating away from the midline of the body.



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