Be Courteous: Don't Cause Distractions To Ears And Noses

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Am I allowed to talk during yoga class?

Be Courteous: Don't Cause Distractions To Ears And Noses

Once the yoga class begins, don't talk to your neighbors. There will be time to chat when the class is over. Yoga is about inward focus, although that can be a challenge if the class is crowded or if it takes place in a sectioned-off area of a gym where you can hear the noise of the exercise bikes and stair-stepping machines. Use any distracting noises as challenges to you to improve your focus and block them out, and make an even greater effort to turn your attention inward and assess how your body feels on any given day. Listen to the instructor and focus on his or her voice and directions to help block out other sounds.

Use common sense about scents. Because many yoga classes involve exercises within a foot or so of others, be kind to your neighbors and avoid wearing heavy fragrances such as perfumes or aftershaves to a yoga class. Deodorant is appreciated, though.



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