Timeliness Matters In Yoga Class

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How long are most yoga classes?

Timeliness Matters In Yoga Class

When you're attending a yoga class, respect your teacher and classmates by arriving on time. First, it's courteous. Second, some gyms and yoga studios won't let you enter a class if you arrive even a minute or two after the scheduled start time, so factor in enough time, even if that means forcing yourself leave for the class 5 or 10 minutes earlier.

Most yoga classes last at least an hour, so be sure to be prepared and block out enough time. Unless it's a dire emergency, don't leave a yoga class early. If you get up to leave during final relaxation, it is distracting to your classmates and discourteous to the teacher. If you can't block out the time for a class, try to go another day or practice at home with a yoga video or DVD.



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