Choose A Yoga Bra That's Supportive But Not Too Tight

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What type of bra should I wear for yoga?

Choose A Yoga Bra That's Supportive But Not Too Tight

Because yoga doesn't involve jumping and bouncing, a maximum support sports bra is not essential and many women favor tank tops with a built-in bra, or a comfortable everyday bra in a soft fabric. If you want the added support of a sports bra, choose a bra that feels comfortable and secure, but it need not be quite as snug as a bra that you would wear for running or aerobics. A bra that's too tight may distract you by chafing your shoulders during twisting or bending poses.

Women seeking plus-sized yoga clothes may feel more comfortable with a more supportive sports bra, but some plus-sized yoga tops have built-in bras that provide enough support for yoga. Try on several styles to find the fit that's best for you.



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