Wedges Make Wrists Happier

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What yoga accesory can help my wrists when doing backbends?

Wedges Make Wrists Happier

If you suffer from stiff wrists, try this less common but useful piece of yoga equipment: A yoga wedge. A yoga wedge placed under the heels of your hands can help relieve wrist discomfort when doing backbends or arm balancing poses. You can also use the wedge as a shoulder support for shoulder balancing poses, plus it works as a lift under your sit bones to help with forward bends (as an alternative to sitting on a folded blanket). A standard wooden yoga wedge is 24 inches long, and about 3.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches high at the high point of the wedge shape. You can order a yoga wedge at and other places where yoga props are sold.



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