Keep Your Yoga Ball In Shape, Too

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How do I clean my yoga ball?

Keep Your Yoga Ball In Shape, Too

If you have a fitness ball or yoga ball that you use at home, it will last for years and serve you well if you take care of it. Clean a yoga ball periodically with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Don't use harsh cleansers because they may scratch the rubber surface of the ball. Keep the yoga ball away from newspapers or other ink-printed material; the ink will stain the rubber and it is difficult to remove.

When you first buy a yoga ball, be sure to inflate it according to the recommended ball size. If you inflate the ball to make it as taunt as possible, it can rupture. Use a tape measure to help you inflate the ball to the correct diameter. A properly inflated yoga ball should be firm, but it should give slightly when you sit or press on it.

You can adjust the amount of inflation according to whether you want a firm ball (which makes exercises more challenging) or one that has more give (which is better for beginners who are looking to strengthen their core muscles).



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