Yoga Equipment For Your Home

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Do I need yoga equipment at home?

Yoga Equipment For Your Home

Many yoga studios provide the yoga equipment you need during class. Items like foam blocks, mats, straps and ropes, balls, and blankets are included in your class fee. However, it's a good idea to have yoga equipment for home practice as well. These items -- usually mats and straps -- are available for purchase either at your studio, online, or in sports shops. Giving yourself the tools you need to practice at home is a good way to inspire you to continue your studies in yoga on your own.



6/21/2006 9:46:50 AM
Namaste said:

Often times there are beginners yoga kits available to purchase that come complete with a mat, block and strap for less money than it would be to buy these items seperately. Keep your eyes peeled for a great deal!


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